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Publishing Management Services

Journal Hosting Management 

Together with its technology partner (EManuscript Technologies), Pluzone helps offline journals in Middle East countries become industry-standard online journals. As part of our commitment to meet the needs of academics and professionals, we are also working to define and meet the information needs of the journal publishing industry.

Journal APC Management

As part of its commitment to equitable Open Access, Pluzone employs several business models. An Article Processing Charge (APC) is charged by most OA journals to offset publication expenses, such as peer-review management, journal production, online hosting and archiving. We aim to simplify the process for authors and reduce costs by partnering with journals, societies, and funders. Fees for publication vary by journal and are due upon acceptance of an article. Your submission fee is subject to change and will be charged at the applicable rates at the time of submission.

Article Processing Charges (APCs) are only payable once a manuscript has been reviewed and accepted for publication (only for open-access articles distributed under Creative Commons licenses). The APC covers the costs associated with publishing, including peer-review administration, copyediting, file hosting, etc. Each journal has its own APC, which can be found on its specific Journal website.

Other Publishing Services

Publishing companies that want to eliminate the expense of hiring and training editorial staff can benefit from our exceptional editorial services. In addition to improving quality and maintaining your style guide, we resolve author queries and concerns about digital art, coordinate production, produce reports, and remove all your day-to-day concerns.


As copyeditors, we focus on making the copy Clear, Correct, Concise, Comprehensible, and Consistent. Run-on sentences and fragments are corrected to improve readability. Copyeditors will review the content to ensure that the message is clearly conveyed and has the intended meaning.


Proofreaders carefully review documents for grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies before they are sent out for revisions. In the final product, our proofreaders ensure font style, italicization, correct symbol usage, and much more.

Substantive Editing

In substantive editing, sentences and paragraphs are proofread, copyedited, and restructured to make the document readable and concise. Inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and incompleteness are examined in the content. As necessary, suggestions are made regarding the organization and flow of information so that the document achieves the writer’s objectives.

Technical Editing

An emphasis is placed on technical accuracy during technical editing, in addition to all aspects of substantive editing. It is important to use correct and appropriate technical terminology and language.


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